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Nov 29, 2012 11:00am PST
at the border. man: ahora lista pont la mano en frente... narrator: the u.s. i.n.s., or immigration and naturalization service, records each apprehension on standard forms, including one entry with hidden lue: it washe migrants' home towns inexico. that's whabringseograpr chard jones to the i.n. it washe migrants' home towns with a novel reseah plan. jones knows that ecomic conditions vary greatly om region to region in mexico. he suspects that some places drive ou- or "push"-- many more migrants to the u.s. than others. hehis investigation beginses drily90s- or "push"-- aris home inanoniotes. hehis ijones lieves beginses many secrets are stored in i.n.s. files like tse. can theyeveal where most migrants come from? can the answers help both countries keep more people at home? cjones sampless every tenth record, writing down the area of origin within mexico. back in hioffice at the university of texas, he enters the values into a map of mexico. jones marks in blue the townships that senan above-arage number of migrantso e u.s. a pattern emerges that reveals much about thchanging econ
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1